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Remote Sensing

Aquaculture site selection with satellite data


Multispectral Scanning

Area detection with high-resolution multispectral scanning within the potential area



A bathymetry map of the selected area is created with sonic methods at a resolution of one hundred points per acre.


Soil Surface Texture Analysis

The texture of the ground surface is studied to determine the form of the surface and the compatibility of the aquaculture system with the ground.


Soil Texture Analysis

Sediment texture analysis and surface texture coring is performed up to 10 meters below ground with 50 points per acre.


Water Quality Measurement

Depth-based measurement of PH, DH, Density, Turbidity, Salinity, ORP, Temperature, Current velocity and degree parameters


Project Drawing

Drawing the project in the light of the data obtained



The data obtained and the project drawn are subjected to simulation, risky points are identified and the project is revised.


Public Permits Tracking

The Ministry of Agriculture's Prior Authorization Certificate, Special Administration Leasing process, Obtaining a Breeding Certificate and the supply and allocation of all documents requested during this period are carried out by us.


Project Implementation

The specification of the materials in the project file and the services to be received and the compliance of the purchases made with the specifications are checked.


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